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Parent Testimonials

4th Street Day Care has provided exceptional service for both of my children. The teachers and staff are awesome and genuinely care about the kids. There is a curriculum for each age group to allow for each child to learn and excel.

The daycare center and its lovely staff made me feel comfortable and my mind at ease all the while understanding that as a first time mom it was hard for me. My boys have been here a few months now and they are so much more open and outgoing; interacting with peers and are learning so much. The staff is loving to my children and that makes me happy….I would very much recommend 4th Street Daycare Center to anyone. My name is Kadian Vickers and I am a satisfied mom! Thank you 4th Street.
K. Vickers

I was finally able to work in peace, knowing that Brianna was in good hands at Fourth Street Daycare. Brianna not only was able to learn her basic ABC’s, 123’s nursery rhymes, playing and sharing with her classmates, participating in various art projects, but she has learned all the books of the bible, the lord’s prayer, the 23rd Psalm, various stores about the bible. There was never a time that I haven’t been communicated with by daycare staff if Brianna was ever involved in any type of incident or if she just felt bad. I applaud the curriculum, the caring staff and quality are offered at this facility. Brianna is now 4 years old and in Pre-K at Fourth Street and smart as ever. I would recommend Fourth Street Day Care to any parent. You will know that your child will be in Good hands at Fourth Street with a solid foundation.
T. Jones